2013 GT500 Based Shelby 1000 S/C is a 1200 hp Street Legal Mustang


Shelby has introduced their 2013 1000 S/C which brings 1200 hp in a street legal form of a Mustang.

The last Shelby 1000 made 950 horsepower in street-legal form, but every buyer took instead the Shelby 1000 S/C, which is not a street-legal but has a power output of 1100 horsepower. This time around, Shelby says that it’s making a single model, the 1000 S/C, which promises street-legal status and more than 1000 horsepower.

While the previous 1000 was released on the 50 years old anniversary of the original Shelby cobra using the old 5.4 liter engine of the 2012 GT500, the 2013 1000 S/C is based upon the new 5.8 liter of the 2013 GT500 where all new upgrades done into an all new engine yielded 1200 hp

the 2013 1000 S/C has a new 4.0-liter supercharger, new engine innards (including rods, pistons, and rings), a new fuel system with new injector, and a new cooling system. the upgraded six-speed manual transmission saps has a driveline loss of about 15 percent, So 1000 S/C makes between 1020 and 1050 horsepower at the wheels. Shelby didn’t release any acceleration or top-speed figures yet.

Base price of the 2013 1000 S/C is $209,990,  Shelby also says that the car will be fully street legal and smog legal in every state but California.


Source Shelby via WOT.MT




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