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Motor Trend has put together the most comprehensive 2015 Mustang rumors yet. And they are probably not too far off base. We have all heard the new Mustang will finally have Independent Rear Suspension, be smaller, more Euro-friendly and more refined. That’s all fantastic. But for some of us who are worried that the new Mustang will be TOO European in design and function, we can relax a little, as the emphasis seems to be leaning towards keeping the faithful happy as well as making the Mustang more appealing to a wider audience.


Artist Rendering, Not the Real Car or Even Close


We can all agree that the current Mustang is finally a world contender in the crowded realm of sporty cars. And the leaps and jumps in reputation and performance have all come with the antique drag-racer-friendly live rear axle. Even three years ago, you never would have heard the Mustang mentioned in the same breath as BMW’s M3. Not even the GT500 would have shared a track with the benchmark Bimmer. Now, a Mustang GT Deluxe with the Brembo brakes will make a $60,000 M3 nervous. And the Boss 302? Fugedaboudit.

So Ford cannot afford to lose the ground they have gained in performance reputation. Just adding the independent rear suspension alone should surpass the German cars around the ‘Ring. But add in a smaller, lighter, more nimble car with a better weight distribution and we are talking about a world class spanking for the Bavarian prince. Here is what Scott Evans and Todd Lassa have to say about the Mustang’s lack of IRS being rectified:

A decade after then-Ford veep Phil Martens’ infamous attempt to save $100 a car by scrapping IRS in favor of retaining the live axle, the Mustang will finally enter the 21st century… Ford has done amazing things with the live rear axle, but that technology’s days are past. We expect Ford will revive the independent suspension design intended for the current-generation Mustang to keep costs down, even though the cost of putting it back in is far higher than that $100 per car saved six years ago.

Believed to be based on the inexpensive and lightweight Control Blade suspension Ford developed for the hind ends of its modern front-drive cars, the suspension will be similar to that of the Australian Ford Falcon. Computer-controlled torque vectoring may be in the cards for further handling improvements. There’s a small chance the live rear axle could live on in a low-volume special edition aimed at drag racers, but this would force packaging compromises in the area over the differential.

As for engines, the 3.7L V6 and 5.0L V8 will most likely be carried over for a while. Rumors persist about the revival of the SVO featuring a turbocharged 4-cylinder EcoBoost. If a 4-cylinder returns to the Mustang lineup, we can expect to see either Ford’s 2.0L producing 247 horsepower, or a larger 2.3L (like the original SVO) or even a 2.5L with more power.



We should expect Ford to remain true to form with the long hood/short deck proportions with a fastback design. While it would be awesome to see the return of the notchback, the bean counters will most likely not let that happen.

Illustrator Scott Olsen ‘shopped the featured images for Motor Trend, which for some reason, still have the infamous rear diaper. Let’s hope the actual design will eliminate the controversial elements. Supposedly, the design team has decided to throw out the retro feel of the 2005 redesign and bring a Mustang with more of a modern feel, like the new Camaro. We shall see what that means as time goes by.

The actual redesign is expected to debut in April 2014 at the New York Auto Show, exactly 50 years after the original premiered. In fact, if it debuts on the second day of press conferences, April 17, 2014, it will be to the day. And depending on how far Ford wants to push the 50 year anniversary tie-ins, the new price could be set at 10 times the original base price at $23,680, which is $1570 more than the current base price.

There are some exciting things to come with the next Mustang. Check out the full scoop over at MT including some thoughts from Jack Telnack – he drew the first proposal for the 1965 Mustang fastback – and has one of the creepiest mug shots ever seen on a car website. MT also has more speculation about the upcoming GT500, but nothing really new.


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