2016 Chevy’s All New Camaro, This is What it Would Look Like



The All new Camaro is heating up for a forthcoming near reveal, the car that’s been looked for by many enthusiast as a true pony with lot’s of potentials being based on the premium refined Cadillac ATS Coupe rather than the current car’s Holden Commodore platform.

The guy who put the rendering together is well known for his 2015 Mustang renderings that revealed to be almost identical to the real car.

Although previous reports suggested the car would like like it’s original great grandpa from the 60’s while other reports suggested it would take it’s cues from the then long lasting successful generation of the 70’s, the real deal spy shots of the car tends to prove that GM is rather copying the current generation which proven to be successful in sales figures.


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via Camaro6G

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