550 hp Turbo Cummins Slammed FedEx Truck by Mobsteel


One rare site at a customization show like SEMA is something like an actual delivery truck of FedEx that was build by Mobsteel on request from the delivery giant.
The truck uses the nose from a 1981 Freightliner, but the rest of it was built from scratch, including the chassis. A 550-horsepower turbocharged Cummins diesel straight six built by Superior sends power to the rear wheels through an ATS stage-three transmission, and the exhaust system runs through the frame.

The truck rides on standard semi-truck wheels with 40-inch tires, and we imagine it rides on hydraulic or air suspension that raises it a bit for driving. Of course, Mobsteel’s creation won’t be used by FedEx for deliveries, but instead for promotional purposes.


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