’71 Barracuda with Electronic Fuel Injected 426cid Hemi


’71 Barracuda with Electronic Fuel Injected 426cid Hemi, Specs & Photos by the Owner:  Best of both worlds, old school 426cid HEMI with new school electronic fuel injection and 5-speed Tremec manual transmission. This car was a totally rust-free car prior to restoration.

TX9 Black Velvet paint with rubber bumpers, painted shark’s tooth grille, Rallye dash, Tuff wheel and 15 miles on this great Resto-Mod.

White Legendary interior, white top, black boot, 18″ American Racing wheels, Hydro Graphics carbon fiber Shaker Hood bubble, 11″ and 13″ disc brakes, TTI ceramic polished headers and exhaust, FAST 4150 EFI body, Indy EFI modified single plane intake, Megasquirt 2 ECU and Walbro fuel pump, Sold for $115,500.00


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