BMW M Badge won’t be put beside the X letter anymore!

BMW M6 Gran Coupe

BMW M6 Gran Coupe

BMW high performance division the M GmbH confirmed that they will stick to their rear wheel drive powertrain and won’t shift to the X drive variants unlike other Deutsch rivals like the E63 & CLS63 AMG 4matic by Mercedes and the Quattro RS6 & RS7 by Audi which uses All Wheels in a high performance disguise.

BMW M boss Friedrich Nitschke reiterated his stance to Autocar at the Detroit motor show last month. “Our philosophy in regards to steering feel and precision is that rear-wheel drive is the best solution,” he said. “xDrive brings an 80-90kg weight penalty and the M differential is the industry’s best rear-drive set-up.”

He also discussed the future of manuals. The M5, M6, and new M6 Gran Coupé are available with a six-speed manual ’box in the US. “From a production aspect, it would be much better to only offer the dual-clutch gearbox,” said Nitschke. “But as long as there is demand, we’ll offer the manual.”

Regarding the move away from naturally aspirated engines, Nitschke said: “It’s not a change in philosophy, it’s a change in technology. Turbocharging is better for fuel savings and CO2.”

No body Knows the Future of the Next generation X5 & X6 M variants yet, Only days will tell.


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