Cadillac is Testing Twin Turbo & Supercharging for the Next CTS-V


Motor Trend is reporting that Cadillac is testing two different engines for the new CTS-V, Both are the 6.1 L LT1 V8 but one is Twin Turbo while the other is Supercharged.

If that’s weird wait for the twin turbo V6 of the ATS-V, the Car is reportedly fit for a V8 which might make it to the engine bay towards the end of the car’s life cycle as the ATS-V Special edition for instance.

MT also reported that Caddy is looking to go back to model names instead of acronyms like ATS, CTS, XTS, there’s still a debate about the subject of whether names like Brougham and Deville would resonate with customers better than letters.

Source: Motor Trend

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