Compact Sedans, the Future for Luxury Automakers


Here in the States Luxury Automakers are Battling Hardly to get the crown of the best seller, we are the biggest market were all luxury automakers gather in one place and compete on nearly equal chances, unlike other markets which lack at least one of the luxury automakers or competition is not on equal basis “as Lexus which don’t assemble its cars in China and had to pay extra customs ” .


BMW, Mercedes and Audi are the German One, Lexus, Infiniti and Acura are the Japanese, Jaguar from England and Volvo from Sweden, and finally the American Ones Lincoln and Cadillac and to a lesser Extent Buick.

to top luxury sales you must have variety of models and especially volume sellers like the compact sedans which every struggling luxury automaker simply lacks it like Jag & Lincoln, and at the same time top luxury automakers have it like Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Lexus.


Cadillac realized this thing by Building a rear wheel drive compact sedan to fight the 3 series & the C class which is the ATS.

as we mentioned earlier in a report about Lincolns Plans for the Next years there is a potential compact sedan in the way in an attempt to regain Lincolns position as a luxury sales leader in the states.


One of the most famous compact luxury sedans is the Gorgeous BMW 3 series which nearly every luxury automaker aiming to compete with, they revealed their 2012 all new model code named F30, so yeah the C Class and the Audi A4 are Face-lifted for 2012 the 3 series is totally new, when would American automakers consider competing in this important segment.



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