Ever Wondered What is the Most Searched Collectors Car in America

In a recent report conducted by a state by state research, the most searched collectors car in 13 states was the Ford Mustang.

According to, the Mustang was followed by the Chevrolet Impala (first in 7 states), the Camaro (5 states) and the Corvette, Charger, Thunderbird trio, which finished first in three states.

“Owning pristine collector vehicles – particularly domestic performance and muscle cars – continues to be a passion for many Americans, from the most seasoned collectors to enthusiasts making their first purchase,” said CEO, Roger Falcione.

“In fact, two vehicles on our list—the Ford Fairlane and Dodge Charger—play prominent roles in ‘The Fate of the Furious,’ which recently topped $1 billion box office sales worldwide, attest to the international interest in American performance and muscle cars.”

In terms of makes, it was a tie between Ford and Chevy, each ranking first in 20 states. While overall US brands topped searches in 49 different states, Mercedes-Benz was listed as “most popular” among Connecticut collectors. There were also two trucks that proved very popular, namely the Chevrolet 3100 in West Virginia and the Ford F1 in Oklahoma.

Other overall figures show the Mustang generating 3,736,942 unique searches in 2016, with the VW Bus registering 240,656 hits among European models, and the Datsun 280Z leading Japanese models at 157,265.

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