Hellcat Ram 1500 is Real with 707 hp Hellafied Blown 6.2 Hemi Swap


Instead of waiting for the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk to have a 707 hp hellcat powered SUV, someone decided it would be a good idea to strap the Challenger/Charger Hellcat V8 onto something a bit more utilitarian.

These images were shared on SRT Life and depict the all-powerful Ram 1500 truck with hellafied blown 6.2 Hemi swap!  what looks like a the V8 mounted inside its enormous engine bay.

Hellcat-powered Ram was built by Midland Chrysler of Ontario, Canada, Midland Chrysler general manager Josh Hatton told Road & Track that the dealership purchased a crate Hellcat engine from a South Carolina dealership for $45,000. (It was likely one of very few crate engines that ended up in dealership parts departments before Dodge officially banned sales of Hellcat longblocks, as Hot Rod explains.) The engine is mated to the truck’s stock eight-speed Torqflite automatic and four-wheel-drive transfer case, you can get one for $90,000.


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