Hennessey Ford GT sets a New 267.6 mph Texas Mile Record (w/Video)


Hennessey managed to break Texas mile record which it already set last October at 263.3 mph (423.7 km/h).

On Saturday using their tuned Ford GT they were able to reach a top speed of 267.6 mph (430.66 km/h).

The achievement was done with the same car powered by a 5.4-liter Accufab Racing engine featuring two Precision turbochargers, while MoTeC’s Shane Tecklenburg worked on the engine and power management.They probably used 117 octane racing gasoline fuel.

As a reminder, the Ford GT by Hennessey is a road-legal car featuring the inspection sticker, power windows, audio system, airbags ( and a parachute ) and an air conditioning system.



Source Hennessey via WCF

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