Meet the 300 hp Ford Focus ST tuned by Hennessey / Video

The Focus ST is one Sweet well executed hot hatch, that made lots of tuners adopt it like the Shelby Guys and now the Hennessey boys whom were excited by the car and decided to tune it up.

They revealed the new HPE300 package for the Ford Focus ST.

The modification unlike those of Shelby were focusing on performance more than the looks, mainly horsepower and torque, the car has been equipped with cold air induction system which increases engine’s output by approximately 13 rwhp (rear-wheel horsepower). The Focus has also a revised ECU which adds 27 rwhp and 40 lb-ft (54 Nm) of torque.

On the styling front, the car features Hennessey badging and an individually-numbered dash plaque. Customers can also order an optional stainless-steel cat-back exhaust system which adds an additional 7 or 8 rwhp.

The HPE300 package is priced from $995 and production will be limited to 300 units annually.


Source Hennessey via WCF

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