Meet the American Four Door Coupe Chevy Corvette C7

C7_Corsa_4door_Orchid_1250px.jpgThe four door coupe, one sexy sedan made to seduce people who loves styling and needs practicality, the segment was built originally by CLS of Mercedes Benz which is currently in it’s second generation, the segment afterwards just exploded, seeing cars like the Audi A7, VW CC, Porsche Panamera,  Aston Martin Rapide, and Finally BMW 6er Gran Coupe, even some automakers like Audi expanded their four door coupe lineup by the A5 sportback, Mercedes with the CLA and BMW which is currently testing their 4er Gran Coupe.

American enthusiasts wanted some of the action based on the iconic, lovely sports coupe the Corvette, mainly the C7 stingray revealed earlier this year, a corvette forum posted this rendering of a four door coupe corvette which carries the same link with the coupe as that between the Panamera & the 911, the Rapide and the DB9.

The car is just a Dream, do you like it, do you even like the idea of a corvette high performance sub brand of chevy with many derivatives as the shooting brake shown earlier by Callaway, tell us in the comment section below.

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  1. David Whitehead · April 16, 2013

    Mercedes did not invent the 4-door coupé idea; Rover has a 4 door coupé back in the 60’s with the P5B:

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