Rolls Royce V16 Roadster and Crossover are Listed


1927 RR Phantom Roadster

Looks like BMW’s Ultimate Luxury brand is a bit Jealous from VW’s Bentley and Bugatti, the Goodwood firm is probably working on a highend optimum luxury roadster with a V16 industry exclusive engine to tackle the Veyron , the Engine is expected to be a 9.0l with 700 hp as the Roller people aren’t creeping for top speeds and exotic performance, they seek ultimate luxury and entertainment.


Phantom Drophead Series 2

Roller Officials hinted that such an Awesome engine should have made it’s way to the Phantom to be more differentiated from the entry level Ghost


Phantom Series 2

The crossover is being also considered to counter attacks that of Bentley that was expected to hit production in a few years.



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