Tesla model S sets 423.5 miles record on a single charge

A Tesla Model S was driven for 423.5 miles (681 km) on a single charge. David Metcalf and his 12-year-old son were able to travel with the electric car for this far before the car was towed.

Guinness World Record organization recorded the trip but will need “4-6 weeks to review the evidence.” The car is the flagship 85 kWh model that has been rated by the EPA at 265 miles (426.4 km).

David’s Model S did not undergo any modifications except for the higher-than-standard inflated tires. The Model S was driven without the air conditioning turned on while the windows were opened only a few inches.

Tesla Motors’ Elon Musk congratulated the two via Twitter, while the firm’s Vice President George Blankenship called them personally.

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