This ’70 Twin Supercharged GTO is the Judge, Jury & Executioner


Back in the 60s the golden era of muscle cars, the Pontiac GTO appeared as a serious muscle head turner among it’s competition, later on Pontiac released a new model called “The Judge” that Pontiac had based on a regular routine from the very popular comedy show “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In”. In that show, Sammy Davis, Jr., had a routine where he chanted, “Here come da Judge”, and that routine was very well known.

When “The Judge” showed up at Pontiac dealers, everyone knew where the name came from, and the car was no less popular than the routine from whence it came. With it’s deck lid spoiler and that split front grille that is classic Pontiac it was one mean and menacing looking Pontiac GTO Judge. It’s a car you never get tired of, no matter how many you see, and hopefully when you see one it’s been well taken care of.

The story we have here is a 1970 Pontiac GTO that was owned by Bill Bolin from Shady Side, Md., but he says on his YouTube page that the car has changed hands numerous times and he believes it’s now in Canada. Be that as it may, as the builder of this insane GTO, Bill definitely turned even more heads than the car ever did when he launched it on the public after it’s build.

When Bill bought the Goat, it had been sitting in a barn for a while. It had a 406 Pontiac with a BDS 6-71 blower, and after a couple cruises he decided to up the ante and he built a 455-based 474 cubic inch engine in 2004.

On his way to the Ames Performance Pontiac Nationals in Ohio a trailer tire blew, flipping his trailer with the car inside. Bill had a lot of work ahead to get the car back into the show circuit that he and his wife had been participating.

After all the body work was done, and the three coats of silver followed by seven coats of orange, it came time to color sand the seven coats of clear with up to 3,000 grit, and a final polishing to get the color you see in these pictures. The car was ready for the show circuit again, and it only took about five weeks to get it back into shape, and it was looking better than ever.

Another thing that Bill added to “The Judge’s” chambers: a second BDS blower on top of the existing one. Bill went against what other companies had said was mechanically impossible and installed an 8-71 blower on top of the 6-71. To many, that’s just pure overkill and completely unnecessary, but we’ve seen a few here and there over the years, including a street rod that showed up at Goodguys in Del Mar a few years back.

But we like to look at it this way: If Bill hadn’t done it with his GTO, we’re glad that others have done it to their cars. Because who really cares if it’s practical or even if it’s economically sound?  We sure don’t, we like it and apparently so do millions of others who have viewed Bill’s videos on his YouTube channel. We don’t care what the quarter mile times are, or the horsepower. All we care about is “does it run?” and “can we hear it?”  The answer to both is, “oh yes”.


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