Watch the World’s Fastest Stick Shifted Mustang (Video)

Fox Stang

While most of us would think of the manual transmission as the logical choice for performance enthusiasts, the vast majority of drag racers use automatic transmissions. It might be more fun to row your own gears, but nothing beats the consistency of a slush box at the drag strip. That said, we’re always respect a drag racer who chooses to “stick” it out with a manual transmission, and even more so when they’re fast.

A perfect example is this Fox Body Mustang equipped with a turbocharged Ford Racing 331 Boss V8 and a Tremec T56 Magnum 6-speed transmission paired with a McLeod RXT twin-disc clutch. The car is capable of mid eight second quarter mile times, as shown in the video, and the owner says his best run of 8.58 seconds at 165 mph is a world record for a Mustang with a true manual transmission.

Want to watch a driver who really knows how to quick-shift? Check out the video below.



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